For transdisciplinary business relationships!


Why include ``OpinioNet`` in the business plan?

  • To strengthening interpersonal connections and enriching perspectives!
  • To support families living separately due to work, to facilitate communication within these families, and to enhance communication between these families and institutions!

Our network is an open-source framework to maintain social contacts and activities, meet new people, and encourage the exchange of fresh ideas.
We stand out with a transdisciplinary approach to experts from more than 30 professions in an international context, offering a unique concept of communication.

What is ``OpinioNet`` in the business sense?

B2B & B2G

  • International exchange of experiences and opportunity to meet new people “transdisciplinary”.
  • Availability of professionals and specialists from various fields for valuable insights and advice.
  • Creating new business content or finding solutions for existing business challenges.


B2C & G2C

  • Global reach and connectivity.
  • Adaptation of services by insight into the unique needs and challenges of families who live apart due to work obligations.
  • Accelerate communication within the community and improve satisfaction by using OpinioNet as a versatile tool.



Who applies ``OpinioNet`` in a business context?

Companies, institutions, surgeries, hospitals, pharmacies, craftsmen, associations, municipalities, cities and various other legal entities actively participate in strategic partnerships, regardless of the registration type.

Cooperation is realized when there is a need to meet the specific requirements of their clients, employees, citizens, users or patients.

The focus on support for families who live apart due to business obligations is emphasized.

How to use “OpinioNet” for business purposes?

The business applicability of OpinioNet has three aspects that often overlap in practice:

  • Employers contract subscriptions for their employees, order content or services for their employees, and implement OpinioNet in their programs and activities.
  • Service providers can use OpinioNet in both directions. They contract benefits for their customers, patients, consumers, and users but also provide services to OpinioNet subscribers.
  • Policy makers and local authorities rent OpinioNet’s infrastructure, order contents, services or experts for their projects and actions, or implement OpinioNet in their programs and activities.


At OpinioNet, the range of ready-made solutions and custom options for legal entities is impressive!


Empowerment of employers, service providers and cities and municipalities


  • A positive influence on the mental health of employees results in higher employee satisfaction.
  • Avoidance of unnecessary services, reduction of absence from work and optimization of costs due to the care of a family member.
  • Flexible work arrangements, using employee assistance programs.
  • Recognition and appreciation, motivating and attracting employees.
  • Strategic investment in the efficiency of the workforce leads to the preservation and resilience of the organization.
  • A positive cycle where satisfied employees contribute to a positive work environment, which in turn promotes organizational success.
  • Savings not only on turnover and employment costs and health care costs but also indirectly benefit from a more engaged, loyal and productive workforce.
  • Supporting complex family needs improves reputation and makes the brand more attractive.
  • Taking advantage of business opportunities even in a new environment.


  • Recognize the needs of clients* to ensure profitability and optimal service.
  • Impact on the duration of individual interventions and optimizing the frequency of visits!
  • Raising the value of work and increasing its significance within the community.
  • Flexibility and adaptability through effective communication.
  • Maintaining integrity and ensuring respect.
  • The synergy of innovation and teamwork promotes customer focus and fosters excellence, diversity and inclusion.
  • Joining a transdisciplinary and international network provides opportunities to access resources, share knowledge, adopt a global market approach, develop skills, engage in collaborative projects, gain visibility and recognition, and form strategic alliances.


  • International collaboration and exchange of experiences can be invaluable in addressing health and aging challenges that have global implications.
  • Tailored support and services for work-separated families, improving their well-being.
  • Potential expansion of reach and influence.
  • Creating new revenue streams by leveraging global audience reach.
  • Accelerated communication between families and institutions.
  • Comfortable access to experts and services provided.
  • New values for citizens (communities) or members and users (associations and institutions).
  • Access to verified information and resources related to health and aging.
  • Access to experts and professionals and their knowledge and experience.
  • Reliable and secure communication channels to share important information and updates.
  • Integrating OpinioNet communication tools into existing systems makes them more practical and efficient.

Formats for innovative business exchange



Gathering at the request of one of the contributors or a contributing institution.


Regular discussions of professionals on one specific topic.


Occasional gathering of business people from different professions and countries who share the same interests.

Take your time and let us know when you're ready!


  • Access to OpinioNet 
  • Services and Know-How 
  • Infrastructure 


  • Customized Content 
  • Adaptation and implementation of OpinioNet in third-party programs